Girl Fryday

Back before I even really enjoyed drinking alcohol, I was drawn to the welcoming Christmas lights adorning the front of the Double Windsor. I still remember going there with friends on a chilly night not long after it opened, drinking a delicious apple cider with rum, and thinking life as a grown-up was pretty sweet.

Happily, my palate has expanded and I can now take advantage of the DW’s outstanding selection of beer. I have tried many a beer at this point in my life (just ask to see my list and weep); the DW’s birthday parties full of extremely-high-ABV, extremely-delicious tap options are always exciting. Last night’s winner in the best-tasting beer contest was probably the Firestone Walker 14, a syrupy, rich barrel-aged blend clocking in at a mildly-absurd 12.5%. And other options on the menu were nothing to sneeze at, either; Dogfish Head 120 Minute is always a pleasure, for instance. (Interestingly, my companion thought it reminded him of gin, which is a comparison I hadn’t considered before. Clearly, more research into beers that taste like spirits is warranted.)

But possibly the best thing about the DW is its food, especially its superlative FRIES. On more than one night I have eaten a happy dinner of a fancy-beer flight and a heaping plate of fries, damn the consequences and the arteries. With mayo and ketchup, those glorious potatoes are the perfect way to sop up some top-notch beer.

And compared to many fancypants bars, it’s not even too arduous for me to get home afterwards; just a quick hop onto the B68 (yep, a bus again; stay tuned for a post on that).

Double Windsor, 210 Prospect Park West, Windsor Terrace
Firestone Walker 14



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