A Confederacy of Lunches

My holy grail of lunchtime is a meal that’s healthy, cheap, and–most important of all–delicious. The trendy Dimes doesn’t exactly qualify as inexpensive, but it’s definitely healthy and tasty, plus its atmosphere is a glamorous world away from everyday office life.

While Dimes’s salads score very high on the tastiness and deliciousness fronts (squash, concord grapes, and brussels sprouts! … for $13) today I opted for the comparative bargain of the summer tacos. For $8, you get two tacos with scrambled eggs, avocado, cheddar, tomatillo, mango, and hot sauce. While the result isn’t especially complex–and calling it spicy is a stretch even for a wimp like me–it’s comforting and satisfying (especially the huge chunks of avocado nestled at the bottom of the tortillas). Paired with a fennel-garnished lemonade, it’s a nice tribute to the summer that’s going to end soon.

Of course, another benefit of Dimes is that it’s practically next door to an outpost of one of the best biscuit and dessert destinations, Pies ‘n’ Thighs. Since you’ve eaten a relatively virtuous lunch, who could blame you for picking up a slice of the special, candy bar pie? And if you eat half of it at your desk, well, it’s Friday and the office is quiet and no one is there to judge.

Dimes, 49 Canal Street, Lower East Side

Pies ‘n’ Thighs, 43 Canal Street, Lower East Side

IMG_3617           IMG_3619


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